My Valentine’s day Tradition.

Yaikes! Don’t I love February! I get all excited about it. Month of love. Perfect excuse to talk about love and get excited about it without raising eyebrows. People sliding into your ‘DM’, asking if you finally found ‘the one’. Guys should seriously stooop with the cliches. Just because I talk a lot about love doesn’t mean I finally found ‘the one’. Maybe it just means that I’m totally in love with the idea of being in love. 

Valentine’s day 2018 is here and yet again, I’m as single as I come. I’m not complaining. Seriously, I’m not. It feels more like a tradition.(Lol) I feel like the day I won’t be single on Valentine’s will be a total disaster. I may want to swing back into my ‘tradition’, you know, break up with ‘bae’ for Valentine’s and hook up later(chuckles).

I don’t want to talk about being single at my age. It totally rocks! Might make you want to break up with ‘bae'(Lol) Okay, I’m kidding. Well, society has successfully managed to make me feel like not having a ‘bae’ in the millennial times is a taboo. Not splashing pictures of bae and decorating them with solid hashtags;#mine, #bff, #soulmate feels like a taboo. I’m not gonna ‘hate’ on love birds because if I finally meet ‘the one’, I won’t keep calm about it either. Excuse me, I’m a millennial (chuckles). 

Well, back to Valentine’s day. People have plans to surprise their someone special, take them on dates, buy chocolates and roses, traditions huh!? Oh! I have plans too. Plans for me by me. I won’t buy me roses and chocolates, no. I’ll buy me chicken (Lol) half a chicken (I’m watching my weight) prepare it and eat it in the comfort of my home. Get me a glass of red wine( 4th Street), listen to classical music while reading a good book in my PJs( chuckles). I believe I’m old enough to start my own Valentine’s tradition. It will be ‘me’ time. Loving me to the core. Sounds epic( if I do say so myself). What’s your Valentine’s tradition? It’s high time you developed one. It doesn’t have to be bouge, just a simple something for you and those you love. Happy Valentine’s day people!



I met Him when I was in Egypt. We’d crossed paths before but I never paid much attention to Him until Egypt. Egypt for me was horrific. I waited for Moses to come and demand Pharaoh to let me go but he didn’t show. So, I wallowed in misery. I contemplated death but didn’t have the courage to bring it upon myself. I made silent prayers to close my eyes and never wake. I was depressed most times. Suffered from short term memory loss all the time. Life had no meaning at all so I gave up. That’s when He appeared. My knight in shining armor. 

He picked me up from my lowest place, hugged me, kissed my wounds, took my load and He took me out of Egypt. I am never going back to Egypt. It took ages for wounds to become scars.  He was there every step of the way. He held my hand, wiped my tears, healed my heart and transformed me. God transformed me.

Don’t ask me not to talk about God because I cannot not talk about Him. He makes a lot of sense to me. I’m glad He chose me. I might as well be a freak for Him. He teaches me about love and life; and even though I’m not yet His ‘A’ student, he never fails me. He is persistent and gentle. So, allow me to talk about Him. I have a lifetime of testimonies that I crown in one, He is there every step of the way. I have a relationship with Him that makes a lot of sense to me. Though I am inconsistent and unfaithful most times, he still loves me.  

I hope you can relate. I hope you have felt Him as much as I have. Don’t wait to get to Egypt in order to experience Him. Be still and listen to Him. He is there. He is here. Let’s talk about Him because I cannot not talk about Him.  Blessed Sunday you guys. May you experience His love and presence.

(Egypt is metaphorical in this case)


I’m super jazzed I finally get to do this.

When we commenced 2018, I decided I will not have resolutions for this year. Not because of fear that I may go back to revise them and find I haven’t achieved any, but because I want to live my life one day at a time.

I remember I was super psyched about 2017. I spent the eve of that year drafting my resolutions. As if that wasn’t enough, I went for a night vigil in church just to dedicate them to God. The first day of that year began and ended pretty well. After that, I’d rather flourish in oblivion.2017 was whack! It was ugly from the inside out. Anyway, not to be such a pessimist, there were a lot of other positive things that I experienced through that year too. I’m thoroughly grateful that I still live to share them with you.

So, once bitten… I decided no more drafted resolutions. I’ll try mini goals. This was one of them. Accomplished. I just didn’t know I’d start sooner. Honestly speaking, I thought it would be a mountain climb. Joke’s on me. Pretty easy. Let’s roll people!

I’m not the most patient being on earth. In fact, my adrenaline shoots to 110% in a jiffy and I have to do all the damage control later. I always think things and want them immediately. This has led to some major heartbreaks in my life. I’ll soon tell you all about them. I am taking baby steps towards changing that. So, I habitually chant to myself that good things take time. Also, this is the year that I hope to create the future I will thrive in. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. Stay tuned and let’s have fun together. Cheers to new experiences!